Friday, November 7, 2014


The first photos of the La Jolla Playhouse production appeared on today!
At first I was thinking I should avoid looking at them, to keep maximum surprise when I see the show in a couple of weeks... But ah, who am I kidding? I had to see them! Here they are!
Wow! What an impressive-looking set! I'm assuming this would be at the end of "Bells of Notre Dame" where Quasimodo is first seen ringing the bells?

Esmeralda dances her sultry dance while Archdeacon Frollo watches on in horror and fascination. Since he is already holding a red scarf, I assume this is soon after Esmeralda has taunted him in her dance? Also note that you can see the conductor popping his head up at the bottom-right of the picture!

Frollo on the steps. Is this Hellfire? You can see the choir singing in the background and some random soldiers standing around. Why is Frollo holding up a sword. It's all a mystery!

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